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Wax Carving

Finished Piece


Pure Wisdom Designs' story began in the warehouse of Uptown Antiques. After years as an interior designer and importer of high-end antique furniture, I became intrigued by the work of Carl Gustav Yung and his study of mandalas and archetypal images that are common to all mankind.

Working in my warehouse, I began to design jewelry incorporating Yung's symbols. Like a wellspring, jewelry ideas began to pour in.

My inspiration is always drawn from the diversity of women, yet my objective is to locate the common thread that unites all of us in a synchronistic, subliminal manner.

Remarkable mastery of jewelry construction is essential in achieving an exquisite and captivating piece. Using the ancient, time intensive process of lost wax casting, impeccable workmanship and meticulous attention to detail, we fulfill the dream and bring our dazzling, irresistible designs to fruition.

If it speaks to your soul, it's Pure Wisdom Designs by Charlotte Brandon.