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Thank you for your interest in my Pure Wisdom Designs jewelry. Below is a small sample of my collection. Feel free to browse and click on an image for a larger view.

Fit for a queen, this magnificent necklace is a celebration of life itself, a tribute to the fulfillment of personal goals, dreams and accomplishments.


Imagine the drama of 115 full cut diamonds, magically cascading into or out of the vessel, depending upon how the adjustable chain is secured.


Full of discovery, the diamond encrusted orb represents your expanding universe, while hidden beneath, a swirling wishing star completes the fantasy.


As Above, So Below portrays many mythic references related to our journey here on earth, and the partnership we share with all life, its elements and creatures.


Swags of tiny seed pearls seem to light the way like outdoor lanterns as you tip-toe lightly on the tips of cherished angel wings.


The twelve medallions accenting our bench made chain represent various aspects of the human experience such as: Passage of time and new beginnings, Protection, Health, inspiration and knowledge, Spiritual growth, Good fortune, wisdom and blessings, Celebration of life, Prosperity, Adventure and challenges, Happiness, Grace, Eternity, and a Cohesive, integrated life.


The 22 characters were designed by John Dee, trusted advisor to Queen Elizabeth I in the 1500ís, as a means for communicating with angels. Each of his symbols represents a different aspect for what he believed could open that interaction. Our Synergy necklace comes with a key to the symbols.


Twelve natural colored gemstones representing the months of the year, rotate to resonate with the owner's own birthstone, which is centered among twelve surrounding diamonds that amplify the connection.


Your journey along this Mythic Path begins and ends at the intriguing portal clasp in the back- entryway to the mysteries that are reaching toward you from across cultures and centuries.


Besides balance, the central triangle reflects the past, present, and future - all that was, is and ever will be. Within the circle, health, unity, imagination, and security are depicted.