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Pearls of Light


Imagine the drama of 115 diamonds magically cascading into or out of the vessel. Swags of tiny seed pearls seem to light the way like outdoor lanterns as you tip-toe on the tips of cherished angel wings. The diamond encrusted "universe" conceals more splendor underneath - a revolving wishing star, held close to your heart.

Award winning Pure Wisdom Designs are created to be a tangible expression of a woman's intangible emotions and feelings such as hopes, dreams and love.

My jewelry acts as a reminder of what every woman holds dear. Using symbols and motifs to inspire, empower and resonate individually with each woman, my designs are recognizable across all cultures and have universal meaning.

Today's woman is not interested in having another piece of jewelry that is similar to everything else in her jewel box or that she has seen hundreds of times before in stores, ads or worn by her friends.

What attracts today's woman is meaningful jewelry that she readily identifies with and feels a connection to, that tells her story and is as distinctive as she is.

Our unique pieces have a profound story behind them, as do the women who wear them. How beautiful! An evolving jewelry line for today's evolving woman.